Course Descriptions

The Film Studies Program offers a wide range of interdisiplinary courses focusing on the historical, theoretical and production-based film aspects with a focus on practical applications through dynamic film and media-centered applications.

Below is a list of courses offered through the Film Studies Program:

FILM 2201 Introduction to Film

An introduction to the terminologies, significant movements, figures and works associated with the history, theory and production of film beginning in the late 1800s to present. Students gain an understanding of oscillating relationships between media and culture and discover patterns of technological, social, economic and cultural developments through viewings, discussions and patterning.

FILM 3050 Topics in Film

A wide array of rotating courses including but not limited to African Cinema, American Independent Cinema, Anime and Japanese Popular Culture, Arts and Society: Film, Black Images in the Media, Chinese Film, European Cinema, Female Adolescence in FilmFrench Cinema, German Cinema, Hispanic Film, Italian Cinema, Japanese Film, Jesus on the Silver Screen, Literature and Film, New American Documentary, New American Film, Non-Western History and Culture Through Film, Russian Film, Scandanavian Cinema, Writing About Film and more.

FILM 3051 Acting and Directing for Film

A workshop-style course introducing significant acting and directing methodologies and their evolution within cinema to contemporary implementations. Students gain experience acting and directing with practical skills including scriptwriting, casting, rehearsals, blocking, coverage and editing.

FILM 3051 Community-Based Film Production

A course designed to provide students real-world applications of production work through partnering with specific Charlotte communities in order to produce meaningful media content. Working within the Greater Charlotte area, this course explores how film can be used as a tool for social mobility, empowerment and connection.

FILM 3051 Documentary Film Production

A workshop-style course which explores various documentary modes and their implementation through a series of short documentaries produced over the semester.

FILM 3051 Editing Film and Digital Media

A creative practicum introducing students to post-production workflows including footage organization, pre-editing, building a timeline, color grading, titles, file optimization and more.

FILM 3051 Music Video Production

A course designed to explore music-based practices including but not limited to traditional and experimental approaches to performance and story-based music videos and films with a musical focus.

FILM 3120 Fundamentals of Video/Film Production

A prerequisite for all production-based courses, this course focuses on teaching best practices for all phases of film production including concept development, pre-production, production, post-production and marketing / engagement.

FILM 3220 Introduction to Screenwriting

A prerequisite for FILM 3221 Screenwriting: Feature Film, this course introduces key scripwriting elements and core tenets of modern storytelling for various media applications.

FILM 3121 Cinematography

A course focusing on visual aspects related to light and shadow and practical approaches to creative composition, camera movement, cinematic symbolism and other aspects of advanced image-making.

FILM 3221 Screenwriting: Feature Film

With a prerequisite of FILM 3220: Introduction to Screenwriting, this course focuses on advanced storytelling techniques including but not limited to subtext, symbolism, thematic development, world-building, dialogue and more for long-form shorts, feature-length films and episodic works.

FILM 3800 Directed Project in Film

A course allowing individual work on a specially-designed film project arranged through the Director of Film Studies, generally organized in the preceding semester with a focus on production and post-production and by special permission only.

FILM 4120 Production and Directing

An advanced study of the elements designed to develop a sophisticated film project, this workshop-intensive course is designed to apply and extend production knowledge through individual projects developed over the semester.

FILM 4220 Film Festivals: Production and Theory

A course focusing on the broad history and evolution of film festivals and cultural presentations, and evolving theories associated with film programming, culminating in the development and presentation of a film-based event.

FILM 4410 Professional Internship in Film Studies

A professional learning practicum with a partnering film-based business or community organization providing relevant film-based experiences based upon a contractual agreement among the student, department and organization with permission of the Director of the Film Studies Program.

FILM 4690 Capstone in Film Studies

Designed as a launching pad andexploratory survey of career options for Film Studies students (Minor and Certificate) through directed development of professional identification, understanding and representation within individual students’ professional focus.

For a list of current courses offered through the Film Studies Program and affiliate programs, visit the University Catalog.