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Photo Credit: Film Studies Alumni Adam Anderson

The Film Studies Program includes the Film Studies Minor and the Undergraduate Certificate in Video Production, both of which are designed to provide students meaningful entrypoints which enhance their primary degrees and launch their professional advancement through the utilization of film as an art form, conduit of popular culture, community-building tool and agent of change.

The Program is led by a dynamic and award-winning faculty which includes professional filmmakers, artists, festival organizers, historians, and multimedia creators. Film Studies graduates have gone on to launch and support production companies, marketing firms and film festivals, as well as pursue secondary degrees in Film, become educators, win Emmys and work with non-profit organizations in the arts sector.


The interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies allows students from all disciplines and backgrounds to develop knowledge of film and media as an art form and community-building tool while fulfilling their degree program.

Through a wide variety of course offerings, the Program is designed for students who wish to have a holistic understanding of film as a conduit of popular culture, communication medium and agent of change.

Film Studies Minors gain exclusive access to advising, screenings, workshops and capstone experiences in preparation for extended growth in and beyond their University experience.

Students interested in production-based film experiences should explore the Undergraduate Certificate in Video Production, listed below. Upon completion of the Certificate, Film Studies students also qualify for the Minor.


The interdisciplinary Certificate in Video Production allows students to develop production-based skillsets through hands-on learning + film development.

The Certificate offers courses in all phases of production, each conducted in a small, workshop-style environment to provide student support for unique film interests and career goals.

Students curate their Certificate courses to satisfy Program requirements while developing individual goals in classes as well as extracurricular opportunities. Graduates develop a portfolio applicable to all mediascapes and career ventures.

Students who earn the Certificate in Video Production also qualify for the Film Studies Minor based on courses taken, helping to maximize the educational experience in addition to primary degree programs.


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Dr. Daniela Dal Pra
Interim Director of Film Studies Program
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